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Psychological Therapies

Bespoke psychological therapy drawing on evidence-based psychological models and treatments

Service Description

Psychological therapies, also known as psychotherapies or talking therapies, are therapeutic approaches that involve conversations and interactions between a trained mental health professional (in our practice, Clinical Psychologists) and an individual or a group. These therapies aim to address emotional, psychological, and behavioural issues to improve mental well-being. Different therapeutic approaches are based on various theoretical frameworks, and therapists may use a combination of techniques tailored to an individual's needs. The choice of therapy depends on specific needs, and the nature of the issue being addressed. It is typically a process worked through by the client and the therapist. It's important to note that effective therapy often involves a collaborative relationship between the therapist and the individual seeking help. Therapy can be an ongoing process or time limited depending on the nature of the work and agreed boundaries of the work. Psychological therapy sessions are charged at £100 per hour. Please navigate to the contact page to book.

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