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Clinical Supervision

Clinical Supervision for Therapists and Practitioners

Service Description

We make available clinical supervision for less experienced therapists and practitioners in private practice. Our supervision service conforms to standard supervision practice, enabling a structured and collaborative process of guidance, support, and oversight of clinical work. With BABCP accreditation, we provide supervision to clinicians and therapists who are seeking accreditation. Supervised practice in cognitive behavioural therapy is required to meet the minimum standards to apply for Practitioner Accreditation. To us, supervision is designed to enhance the skills, competence, and ethical standards of the supervisee while ensuring the quality of client care. Clinical supervision is a critical component of professional development and is commonly required for individuals working towards licensure in clinical psychology or related mental health fields. Fees are £80 per session. For clinicians seeks BABCP accreditation, supervision sessions are typically 1.5 hours. Navigate to the contact page to book.

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